Allergy Resources

We have served our customers since 1997, and over the course of those years, we have been frequently asked for recommendations from allergy and asthma sufferers as to how to improve the air quality within their homes.(See Susan’s testimonial below.)

While most people encounter allergens in most regions of the nation, the north Georgia region is considered pollen-central in the southern United States. That’s because we have thickly forested regions with humid and damp weather conditions that produce not only pollen but molds, spores and fungus of many kinds. As a result, many people struggle with allergies, bronchitis, asthma — and even pneumonia — particularly during the spring and fall seasons.

The most effective and moderately inexpensive way to achieve optimum indoor air quality is by installing a sufficient whole house air filtration system. These use 20″x25″x5″ filters with a Merv 11 or 13 rating that only need to be changed once every 12 months or more. These are designed to trap small particulates such as mold spores, dust and pollen.

Next, we recommend installing an Air Oasis nano Induct™ unit directly into your duct system. This device “cleans the air and surfaces of your home” using their “innovative product design and proprietary AHPCO™ ionization technology.” The nano™ Induct “has been scientifically tested to address unwanted contaminants such as odors, mold, bacteria, viruses, and VOCs.” You can learn by researching their website at


In the fall of 2010, and again in 2011, I found myself in the hospital emergency room. I had been suffering from seasonal allergies — which frequently turned into bouts of bronchitis — for the previous 7-10 years.

This time, the allergies were SO bad that I could barely breathe. It was everything I could do to walk a flight of ten steps. I ended up receiving steroids, penicillin and nebulizer treatments along with a grim prognosis about my lung health. I was told that I would have to take several medications — expensive medications — for the rest of my life. That suffering from allergies and asthma was going to be my “lot” in life. I was only 50 years old, at the time.

A few weeks later, our product salesman told us about the Air Oasis. Believe me, we were skeptical. I had come to believe that there was no hope for my health situation. And, as heating and air contractors, we had been introduced to many types of air purification and filtration products that did not live up to their claims.

The first thing we did was to use a petri dish full of medium culture to take an air quality sample inside our home. We placed this dish out on a table in the living room and left it there, undisturbed, for an hour. The dish was covered with a lid and allowed to incubate in a dark closet for 7 days. We were horrified to discover that the culture was covered with a growth of mold. These mold spores had been circulating in the air inside our house!

The petri dish on the left shows the growth of mold that occurred from an air sample taken in our home before we installed the Air Oasis device. The petri dish on the right shows no growth of any kind after taking a second air sample 3 weeks after installing the Air Oasis.

Taking a leap of faith, we installed an Air Oasis induct unit into our duct system. We waited three weeks and did another culture sample. This time, the petri dish came out completely free of mold growth of any kind. The Air Oasis was doing it’s job.

I did not need the second culture test to know the Air Oasis was working. Within just a few days, the allergy symptoms lifted. I was able to stop taking over-the-counter allergy medications each day. Next, I was able to stop using an inhaler and was able to wean off of the daily nebulizer treatments. With two months, I was completely off of ALL medications, and my lung health and function began to steadily improve.

The real test came just a few months later. I was taking a 4-day trip out of town during prime pollen season. The allergy symptoms immediately returned. My nose was running, and I was coughing from post nasal drip. I was miserable.

I got home a few days later and spent the night in my own bed. To my amazement, the next morning, the allergy symptoms were completely gone. This is when I knew the Air Oasis was truly making a difference.

It is now 2018. I have been off of all allergy and asthma medications since early 2013. I no longer suffer from seasonal allergies. My health has improved to the degree that I can go out into the yard during the height of allergy season and not suffer any symptoms. Even when I start to notice symptoms, they are immediately alleviated once I spend a few hours inside my home breathing the clean air.  I can walk uphill and climb a flight of stairs without any breathing difficulty and have no difficulties using a treadmill to walk 1-2 miles at a fast pace. In 2012, this was impossible for me to do.

Other things I noticed was that fresh fruit left on the counter top was not rotting as quickly. Before installing the Air Oasis, we would have to eat fresh fruit very quickly. It would usually rot within a day or two. Now we can leave it out sometimes up to a week or two at a time, depending on the type of fruit. Also, pollen dust is no longer accumulating on my counter tops during pollen season. My counter tops were usually covered in pollen dust even with the doors and windows kept closed.

Based on my personal experience, I definitely encourage asthma and allergy sufferers to consider using air purification and air filtration devices if they are not yet doing so. Specifically, please consider the Air Oasis while you’re doing your research. Dennis, Joe and I would be glad to answer any questions and provide you with more information.

Here’s to better lung health! ~ Susan Williams