Why is Duct Design Important?


  • Your heating and air system is only as good as the design of the duct system?
  • The best and most expensive equipment you can buy will not perform to its full potential with poor duct design?
  • That poor duct design is responsible for the majority of high energy costs related to heating and cooling your home?
  • That a compressor will often struggle and break down before its full life expectancy due to insufficient air flow from a poorly designed duct system?
  • That poor air flow through your duct system can cause your unit to repeatedly freeze up with ice particularly in the summer?
  • That a poorly designed duct system will create uneven temperatures in your home — some rooms will be hotter or colder than others?
  • That your unit may run longer and more often trying to keep up with heating and cooling demands due to a poorly designed duct system?
  • That you may pay more money for a higher efficiency unit, but a poor duct system will decrease the efficiency of that unit by several rating values? In other words, a 14 SEER unit installed with poor duct design, in terms of efficiency, may actually perform more like an 8 or 10 SEER unit?
  • That you may end up buying and paying more for a unit that is more than what your home needs just because your duct work is not designed properly?
  • That air leaks in your duct work will cause hot attic air or cold crawl space air to condensate in your ducts causing moisture problems?
  • That many families pay to have their unit replaced prematurely or spend money to correct their existing duct work just because the duct system was not designed properly in the first place?
  • Most people do not understand that their HVAC equipment and duct system are investments that directly contribute to the value of their home?

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